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Our commitment to Sustainability and ESG

Protecting our planet and supporting our people ethically and responsibly is central to our group and its everyday operations.

How we approach sustainability and ESG

Environmental, Social and Governance factors (ESG) are integrated and embedded at the core of our investment process alongside traditional portfolio construction and management. And throughout our practices we strive to ensure ESG principles are strongly adhered to.

As a group, we believe we are the stewards of both our clients’ capital and the landscape in which we operate – envisaging a greener future for everyone, as we steer wealth management towards sustainable gains for the wider society.

  • High standards and sustainability go hand in hand throughout our group
  • Our conversations are ethical, open and honest
  • We respect the environment, operating ethically and responsibly across all aspects of wealth management
  • A more sustainable future for all is central to our ethos

Our sustainable investment principles

We want to work with businesses that take the same progressive and responsible approach towards sustainability as we do. Our approach balances the desire for providing growth and strong investment returns with long-term viability and sustainability in equal measure.

We look to support individual businesses as we transition, evolving and driving for positive change at both a local and global level. Caring about cultural fit and having a shared vision of our collective future is how we can make an impact on the planet together.

What ESG means to us


Respecting the environment both globally and locally.

Seeking out businesses with the same vision for a safer and greener environment for all.

Actively identifying opportunities for positive change through our group’s actions.


Caring about our people across all operations at all levels.

Providing a safe and nurturing environment for them to thrive and grow.

Ensuring our internal and external relationships are ethical, honest and giving back as we grow together.


Our decisions and actions across the group place governance within ESG as high priority both operationally and morally.

Across the board and extended to our partners in acquisitions, our approach is always led by ethics and accountability.